Private Practice Elevation June Podcast Roundup

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Here are the four episodes you may have missed in June!

09. How To Grow A Blog Community & Simplify Your Marketing with Dr. Ili Rivera Walter

In this episode of the Private Practice Elevation Podcast, I interviewed my good friend, Dr. Ili Rivera Walter. Ili has built an extremely popular blog, Family Therapy Basics, that has allowed her to take steps to go beyond her one-on-one client work as an LMFT and build a business that suits her life.

One that gives her more time to be with her family and gives her the freedom to fit her demanding schedule. What I enjoy so much about Ili from hearing her story and seeing her growth over the last couple years (we so happen to be in a mastermind group together) is how she is constantly simplifying her business.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Tips for simplifying your work and life to help you stay passionate and create time for what you love
  • How blogging can be a great way to test the waters of online marketing and go beyond your one-on-one client work
  • Strategies for growing a blog and reaching an audience
  • How Ili got started building an email list and how it grew to over 1,000 subscribers in her first month
  • How to use Pinterest as a strategy for getting massive amounts of traffic to your private practice website for free
  • How marketing can be as simple as sending an email
  • How to find new ways to refine your marketing as you go to grow your business without adding stress to your life
  • Tips for adding new streams of income to your business without sacrificing your family life
  • How to save time and avoid focusing on things in your business that you don’t want to be doing

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10. Private Practice Branding & Marketing Secrets With Kate & Katie From Private Practice Startup

In today’s interview with Kate and Katie of The Private Practice Startup you’ll learn how it’s impossible to separate the life you want to create from the business you desire.

If you don’t spend the time up front to think about the BIG questions and BIG goals you have for your life and private practice, you may find yourself working harder, attracting the wrong clients and creating something you never intended.

Kate and Katie share some of their top marketing tips to get you started with a brand that represents you and your private practice. These tips are going to take the mystery out of marketing and help you learn how to craft marketing messages that deeply resonate with your ideal clients.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why niching is so important and can help clarify your marketing messaging and make more money
  • Why branding your practice should be step number one for private practice marketing and why skipping this step can lead to burnout and a business that doesn’t work for you
  • How to begin building a brand that creates a cohesive experience for your clients
  • The key questions to ask yourself to help you understand your “why” and create your dream private practice and set the right goals for your business
  • How core values and having a vision for your practice can help you create the best marketing message for your ideal clients
  • Why therapists make the BEST marketers
  • How to reframe what marketing is so that you can easily talk about your services and attract your ideal clients
  • How studying your clients can help you write therapy website copy that resonates with your ideal client and converts more
  • Tips to gather marketing gold from your own clients
  • The biggest mistakes therapists make when trying to market a private practice

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11. The Essentials For Digital Marketing in Private Practice: Interview with Dr. Christopher Taylor

In this week’s Private Practice Elevation Podcast episode, I chat with Dr. Christopher about some of the simple strategies he’s used to take his solo-practice to a large counseling group able to support multiple employees with benefits across 6 locations in the Dallas area. In his book, My Digital Practice, Dr. Christopher shares his tried and true method to take you from scrappy marketing to a value-focused online marketing strategy that reflects your identity and attracts only the best clients for you and your practice.

This episode is jam-packed with tips to help you with your digital marketing, whether you’re new to private practice or you’re an established therapist looking for ways to refine your marketing and get better results.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • How Dr. Christopher’s quest for effective marketing for his first practice led him to launch Taylor Counseling Group and grow it from one location to now nearly six
  • Why spending time on the identity of your practice, your core values and understanding the types of clients you want to attract to your therapy practice can help you do a better job and makes all the difference in whether your marketing will be successful or just waste your time
  • How to set clear and SMART goals for your private practice and why it’s essential for your marketing strategy
  • How to develop a value-focused specialty for your therapy business to help you clarify your marketing and the content that goes on your private practice website, social media and other marketing collateral
  • Why focusing on general keywords for your SEO (search engine marketing) efforts can be a waste of time and what you should do instead to find the right search terms for your practice and make sure your ideal clients can find you in Google
  • The importance of social media and how it can help your SEO and establish your brand and expertise in your market
  • How you can still win with SEO even if you don’t like blogging
  • An SEO tip for learning what your competitors are doing to rank their website so well in Google and how you can use that information to better your own private practice website rankings
  • Dr. Christopher’s 5 must-haves for any successful private practice marketing strategy so you can start developing your strategy today.

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12. How To Clarify Your Marketing Message & Write Therapy Website Copy That Converts with Danny Peavey

In this podcast episode, you’ll get a little help from my good friend and business bff, Danny Peavey. Danny has built a successful online marketing company and he just so happens to be a StoryBrand Certified Guide. His job is to take small business owners through the exercise of creating a powerful and simple story they can use in their own businesses.

If you’ve felt unsure about what to say on your website or you don’t know where to begin to craft a clear and successful marketing message for your private practice, listen up!

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • How you can use the elements of great storytelling to create a clear marketing message that your clients will resonate with
  • The 7 key parts of a story that you must include in your marketing
  • How you can make your therapy clients the hero of the story so that you attract and convert more of them
  • The simplest way to incorporate the use of story in your private practice website copy
  • An easy website tweak you can make today to increase conversions on your website

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