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SEO For Therapists: The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Private Practice

From what SEO is to the understanding how to optimize your website content, this guide has all the resources you need to start your own SEO strategy and get more clients from Google.

What’s the point of having a website for your private practice if none of your clients can find it?

Most therapists understand the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) when it comes to getting the right kind of traffic to their therapy website.  

But with so many factors that can affect SEO for your private practice website, it can be very confusing and daunting to actually get your therapy website to rank high for keywords related to your business.  

Actually, did you know that Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites? (Backlinko)  

With so many factors, it’s easy to feel like your clients will never find you in search engines.  

But at Private Practice Elevation, we don’t believe that your clients ability to find you (and get the mental health services they need) should be at the mercy of Google.  

If website content is created well, with search engines and ideal clients in mind, you can see success.  

You can get a steady stream of free traffic to your website from Google, filled with ideal clients who need your therapy services.  


We’ve put together this SEO guide to help you find the resources you need to create your own SEO strategy. In it, you’ll learn:  

  • What SEO is and why it’s so important to the success of your private practice
  • The basics of SEO and how to get started with your own strategy to get found in Google
  • How search engines work and how understanding this can help you create optimized content
  • How to perform keyword research so that your therapy website can be found by your ideal clients
  • How to optimize each page and blog post for search engines so that they are more likely to rank well
  • What backlinks are, how they work and how to get quality links that will improve your SEO
  • The best practices for setting up your therapy website for proper search engine optimization
  • How to measure the success of your SEO efforts  

The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Private Practice

From what search engines are to the understanding how to optimize your website content, this guide has all you need to start your own SEO strategy and get more clients from Google.

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Chapter 1: What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be one of the most important parts of using your private practice website to get more clients. We are well aware that SEO can be a complicated topic, so in this chapter, we cover the basics to help you get started. Check out the SEO Glossary to learn more about terms you will read about throughout this article, learn about why SEO is important, and why it’s simpler than you think!

Chapter 2: How Do Search Engines Work?

As we often say, having a professional website for your private practice is absolutely essential. 

And in addition to that, having an understanding of how search engines work can help you create a website that search engines can understand, which leads to additional benefits!  

Throughout the links below, you’ll learn the basics behind how search engines work so you can hit the ground running with your SEO strategy in chapter 3!  

Chapter 3: How To Perform Keyword Research for a Therapy Practice

Want to see more traffic hit your private practice website via search engines like Google? Then this chapter is for you. Keyword planning and keyword research is an important component of SEO for therapists. Get started with the resources below.  

optimizing keywords is important in SEO for therapists

Chapter 4: On-Page SEO For Private Practice

What’s the point of having a website for your therapy practice if no one can find you? On page SEO factors are factors on a website page that include the things that you directly control in terms of the content, design, or code of your website. Below you’ll find resources to simplify SEO strategy for your private practice and help you understand what’s important to know when trying to increase the rank of your private practice website.

The average first-page result on Google contains 1,890 words. (Source: Backlinko, 2016)  

on-page seo for therapists

Chapter 5: Therapy Website Structure & Technical SEO

There are a lot of contributing factors to a successful therapy website, but time and time again, website structure and design comes out as one of the top! Everything including your logo and homepage gives off a first impression to a current or potential client.  

In addition, it’s important we talk about technical SEO. Technical SEO has either a direct or indirect impact on search engine crawling, indexing and ultimately ranking. So it’s important for your success!  

Learn more from the links below. 

man on computer doing seo for private practice

Chapter 7: How to Measure SEO Success

Let’s talk about the important stuff… measuring SEO success.

There are a lot of factors that go into this so it may not be a ‘one-size fits all approach’. Higher rankings? More traffic? More sales? Your goals also have to do with how you measure your success. Check out the articles below to learn more about this important step!  

Attract New Therapy Clients With a Custom SEO Strategy

Our team will do all the legwork to figure out what keywords to use, what content to create and how to get that elusive page 1 search result.


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SEO For Therapists: Ultimate Guide