If I asked you what your digital marketing strategy for your private practice was, would you be able to tell me?

If not, you’re not alone!

Most of the therapists I speak to and work with have not spent the time to develop a marketing strategy.

While your Psychology Today profile and a solid website are important for marketing success, if these are not being used strategically to drive your business to reach your goals, you could be wasting time and money and keeping your practice from growth.

But what if you DID have a plan to reach those one, two and five-year business goals of yours?

What if you knew whether your marketing was actually working to bring in new clients and you had a plan to bring in even more?

I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Christopher Taylor, author of the straight-forward and extremely applicable book, My Digital Practice: The Therapist’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

In this week’s Private Practice Elevation Podcast episode, I chat with Dr. Christopher about some of the simple strategies he’s used to take his solo-practice to a large counseling group able to support multiple employees with benefits across 6 locations in the Dallas area.

In his book, My Digital Practice, Dr. Christopher shares his tried and true method to take you from scrappy marketing to a value-focused online marketing strategy that reflects your identity and attracts only the best clients for you and your practice.

This episode is jam-packed with tips to help you with your digital marketing, whether you’re new to private practice or you’re an established therapist looking for ways to refine your marketing and get better results.

We especially dive into SEO and I can’t wait for you to hear Dr. Christopher’s explanation of SEO and how he reframes what you should be doing to rank for the right keywords in Google!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Dr. Christopher’s quest for effective marketing for his first practice led him to launch Taylor Counseling Group and grow it from one location to now nearly six
  • Why spending time on the identity of your practice, your core values and understanding the types of clients you want to attract to your therapy practice can help you do a better job and makes all the difference in whether your marketing will be successful or just waste your time
  • How to set clear and SMART goals for your private practice and why it’s essential for your marketing strategy
  • How to develop a value-focused specialty for your therapy business to help you clarify your marketing and the content that goes on your private practice website, social media and other marketing collateral
  • Why focusing on general keywords for your SEO (search engine marketing) efforts can be a waste of time and what you should do instead to find the right search terms for your practice and make sure your ideal clients can find you in Google
  • The importance of social media and how it can help your SEO and establish your brand and expertise in your market
  • How you can still win with SEO even if you don’t like blogging
  • An SEO tip for learning what your competitors are doing to rank their website so well in Google and how you can use that information to better your own private practice website rankings
  • Dr. Christopher’s 5 must-haves for any successful private practice marketing strategy so you can start developing your strategy today.

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Download The First Chapter of Dr. Christopher’s Book, My Digital Practice

About Dr. Christopher Taylor

Christopher S. Taylor, Ph.D. LPC-S, author of My Digital Practice,  is an adjunct professor of counseling ethics at Dallas Theological Seminary and Amberton University. Dr. Taylor utilizes existential psychotherapy to provide treatment for individuals struggling with loss of identity, and narcissism. In 2015, he was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to serve on the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors as a professional member. In 2018, he was unanimously voted to Vice Chair of the board.

Working with various state and private organizations such as Child Protective Services since 2008, Dr. Taylor has experienced the lack of community support for broken homes in both urban and rural communities. In an endeavor to alleviate this issue, Dr. Taylor served as the court coordinator and program developer for Legacy Family Court in Dallas County from 2013 to 2016. In 2015, Legacy Family Court was recognized as “An Agent of Change” by the Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse and was awarded an official resolution by Dallas County. In 2016, the Agricultural Commissioner appointed Dr. Taylor to serve on the Rural Health Task Force to assist in developing solutions for the expansion of mental health programs in rural Texas communities.

Dr. Taylor completed his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a focus of existentialism at Texas A & M University. He continues to research and write on the subject of identity and existential development.

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