SEO Assessment For Therapists

Take the guessing out of SEO and get a plan to help your clients find you in Google.
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Your clients are struggling to find your therapy practice through Google and other search engines.

But you don’t know where to begin to improve your website’s search rankings and get more traffic (and clients) from Google. 

Google wants to show its users the BEST content from websites with the most authority. But how can you build that authority if you don’t know what is negatively impacting your SEO?

You feel like getting more clients from Google is one big mystery.

So you don’t do anything, which leaves you feeling like you’ll never be able to use Google to get found by people who need your therapy services.

Your ideal clients are out there and they need your help. No one should miss out on improving their life just because your website isn’t showing up in the search results.

With over 200 factors that affect your website’s Google rank, it’s no wonder why SEO can certainly feel like a daunting and confusing mountain to conquer.

An SEO assessment of your therapy website can give you a clear plan to improve your rankings.

We’ll put your website under our SEO microscope and analyze how it’s performing relative to our “4 Mountains of SEO”: technical SEO, content strategy, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO.

Your SEO Assessment will give you a detailed roadmap to help your clients find you in Google.

You’ll learn what improvements you’ll need to make to your website, the best keywords you should focus on and the types of content you’ll want to create to achieve SEO success. 


No more SEO guessing games:

  • Stop wondering what you need to do in order to get found in Google.
  • Get a clear plan and a content strategy to implement in your business in order to boost your rankings.
  • Know what keywords your website is already ranking for; the low-hanging fruit that can give you easy SEO wins.
  • Understand the most critical factors currently keeping your website from showing up in Google searches.

Your Private Practice SEO Assessment Includes:

  • A detailed report on how your website is currently performing related to SEO.
  • We’ll show you what’s most critical to improving your SEO so you can focus on those first.
  • See what keywords you’re already ranking for and how you can use those to climb the search engine ranks.
  • A 1-hour live call to review the SEO report and understand your next steps

3 Steps To Your Custom SEO Strategy:


Purchase Your SEO Assessment

Pay for your assessment and then fill out the short form we’ll send you.


We Get To Work

We’ll hit research mode and dig into your website’s SEO.


Get Your SEO Report

You’ll get a PDF report explaining everything so you can get started on an SEO strategy for your private practice.



“I received a range of suggestions, some simple and some more complex, for what I could do to improve my website. After implementing the recommended SEO changes I noticed an increase in requests for services very quickly.

If you are struggling to build your practice start with a website assessment. The money and time investment are very reasonable and well worth the results! My practice is now full. Six months ago I thought that would be impossible. It works!”

Tonya Wilhelm, LICSW

therapy website audit testimonial from Tonya Wilhelm

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