12. How To Clarify Your Marketing Message & Write Therapy Website Copy That Converts with Danny Peavey

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Marketing A Private Practice, Podcast

Is your therapy website’s message clear with your current marketing?

When someone lands on your website, do they know what you do and who you help in just a couple seconds?

When we’re in charge of creating our copy and marketing message we often run the risk of over-complicating things.

I mean, you KNOW how awesome your private practice is and you’ve got amazing services you help your clients with, so why not cram it all on your homepage, right?

The problem with this is that when people get confused, they’ll likely leave your website.

But how do you craft a clear and concise marketing message that your ideal clients can’t resist?

One way is to use the power of story.

You may have heard of Donald Miller’s process for writing marketing copy called StoryBrand. 

It’s a simple and powerful process that can help you uncover the true hero of your marketing message so that it connects and converts more clients.

Because sometimes it’s just hard to talk about our businesses, right?

In this podcast episode, you’ll get a little help from my good friend and business bff, Danny Peavey.

Danny has built a successful online marketing company and he just so happens to be a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

His job is to take small business owners through the exercise of creating a powerful and simple story they can use in their own businesses.

If you’ve felt unsure about what to say on your website or you don’t know where to begin to craft a clear and successful marketing message for your private practice, listen up! 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How you can use the elements of great storytelling to create a clear marketing message that your clients will resonate with
  2. The 7 key parts of a story that you must include in your marketing
  3. How you can make your therapy clients the hero of the story so that you attract and convert more of them
  4. The simplest way to incorporate the use of story in your private practice website copy
  5. An easy website tweak you can make today to increase conversions on your website

Free Live Webinar: Learn How To Clarify Your Marketing Message & Write Great Website Copy

Danny has offered to take the Private Practice Elevation audience deeper into what goes into writing a clear marketing message and how to apply StoryBrand principles to your website copy.

We’ll be hosting a joint webinar on July 18, 2019 at 2PM EST. You can register here or by clicking the banner below:

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About Danny Peavey & One Week Website

Danny is the founder and CEO of One Week Website where he helps companies get a website they love and a marketing plan that earns new customers. He is also a Certified StoryBrand Guide and helps entrepreneurs create better marketing messages.

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