In this episode, we’ll discuss 13 things you can do before you even being creating a therapy website that will help set you up for success when your website project finally begins.

At Private Practice Elevation, we believe the most successful projects are the ones we plan for. 

That especially includes the launch of your private practice website (or a redesign of your old one). 

We have to lay some groundwork and some goals. 

Doing so will keep you on track, motivated and make the entire process a smooth one.

Because I’m an organization and process nerd, we’ve built a huge task list for launching websites for our clients.

It keeps us accountable and makes sure nothing is missed.

One section of that task list is the number of things that needs to be done way before any design has even started.

So in this episode, we’ll discuss those tasks and what you can do before you build any page or even purchase a domain for your private practice.

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