07. 5 Tips For Great Portrait Photography for Your Private Practice Website

by | May 21, 2019 | Podcast, Private Practice Website

Are you using photos of yourself in marketing for your private practice?

If so, do you love those portraits? Do they help you create connection and establish professionalism?

I’ve reviewed and viewed many therapist websites in my years as a web designer and photography is often one of those “hit or miss” elements I see.

Having great photos of yourself on your website can be a simple but impactful way to make you stand out as an expert, professional and, well, friendly therapist.

Portraits of yourself can either distract or add to the design of your private practice website.

So, how do you avoid just slapping an iPhone selfie up on your professional private practice website and start creating connection and beautiful website design?

In this episode of the podcast I’ll share with you 5 quick tips you can use when getting photos taken for your website and other marketing materials.

You can use these tips to communicate with your photographer so that you can use these photos in the most flexible ways in all kinds of design, especially your website.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Why you shouldn’t use vertical, old-school style portraits on your private practice website
  2. The things you can do with your photos that will give you more possibilities and make your website designer extremely happy
  3. The types of compositions that work best for your website and how to communicate this to your photographer
  4. How to crop your photos to create focus and connection with your website visitors
  5. Why you should let go of your fear of being photographed

This episode is brought to you by our Online Marketing Trail Map. If you’re feeling like you have no plan for your online marketing, I encourage you to download this free PDF guide and have it in front of you as you listen along with this episode. The episode really unpacks every stage of the marketing plan.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

Examples of Great Portrait Photography on Therapy Websites:

Need a little inspiration?

Below are a couple websites from past students and clients, as well as some members of our free Facebook community, who said they were really proud of the photos they have on their private practice website:

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