In this episode of The Private Practice Elevation Podcast, we’re answering YOUR questions.

We put the call out to find out what was on your mind in your online marketing journey and the burning questions you wanted to hear more about on the podcast.

In this episode we’re unpacking a handful of questions ranging from website design, SEO to Facebook ads and keyword research.

Here are the questions we’ll be answering:

I am just starting my online business as a coach for single women.  Do you also help with coaching or is it only for private practice.  I am finishing my website.  I am just learning about online marketing and SEO.  What advice would you give someone who is beginning.  I am also a therapist at a private practice and I am working part-time.  

Jessica Ruiz 

Managing domain names when the preferred one is not available. If the preferred domain name becomes available after the website launch and you decide to get it and redirect the website there, do you lose all the SEO work done on the original site?

Ameeta Piazzi 

Would you suggest boosting (promoting) a post on Facebook or doing a full Facebook Ad? or a mixture of both? What kind of audience targeting would you use on FB? Would you advertise on Instragram for therapists?

Hila Carlin

How do I create a popup on my website? 

Liz Gray

I write a one time per month relationships column in my local newspaper. My question is, can I share my article on my website blog or will I get reprimanded by Google for creating duplicate content? In case this is true, I have more recently resorted to sharing a short intro of the article on my website with a corresponding link to the newspaper article. Is this an acceptable solution, or will Google also object to this strategy, which may result in creating SEO site instability? Thank you!

Meg Luce 

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