In this week’s episode of The Private Practice Elevation Podcast, you’ll learn how you can make the shift from working in your private practice to operating as a business owner and CEO of a group practice.

Many business owners fail because they focus on the wrong things.

Sure, there are tasks to be done and clients to see, but sometimes we can get lost in those things and never set a vision and goal for something greater than crossing off tasks on the daily task list.

I’m super excited to introduce you to a client of ours, Kayla Reilly.

We recently worked with Kayla to redesign and optimize the website for her group practice, Evolution Wellness, in Wilmington, NC.

You can check out the case study from her project here: Scaling A Group Therapy Practice With A Strategic Website Redesign.

I was extremely impressed and inspired by Kayla as her project progressed.

She had a strong business sense, an established brand for her practice and a clear vision for what she was building.

So I wanted to have her on the podcast to share what’s worked for her (and hasn’t worked) to help her grow her private practice and make the shift to business owner and leader of a great team.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Kayla’s roles and focus changed as she went from agency therapist, to solo-practice, to group practice owner
  • Kayla’s biggest mistake that held back her business growth and how she changed to overcome it
  • The three things to look for when hiring clinicians for your group practice
  • The most important things to think about when searching for a practice website designer
  • How understanding your numbers can help you know what to invest in to increase your profit
  • What it means to have a brand and how that impacts your marketing

We Specialize in Websites for Group Practices

We had a blast working on the website for Kayla’s group practice, Evolution Wellness. If you want to learn more about how a website strategy can help you grow your own group practice, you can schedule an 15-minute introductory call here.

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About Kayla Reilly & Evolution Wellness

I am the Founder and CEO of Evolution Wellness. I started out as a solo private practice in early 2016 and quickly grew into a group practice because I wanted to offer the Wilmington community a high-quality counseling experience.

Clients have told me that I’m not necessarily who you think of when you picture a therapist. I’m fun, a little brash, and get really excited about discovering the tools to help people thrive.

Although I no longer accept new clients, I love that I’m able to touch more people’s lives by growing Evolution Wellness and supporting therapists to become excellent at their craft.

The cool thing about therapists is that each person finds their own ‘jam.’ My jam is relationships. I love to work with couples who are stuck having the same fight over and over again. I think couple’s counseling is so rich with opportunities to health their childhood experiences so they can create new healthy patterns. The couples I work with aren’t going to become their mothers/fathers with their kids because they’ve broken the transgenerational patterns.

Relationship therapy also helps individuals overcome challenges such as learning to set boundaries, getting out of their family roles, and finding meaningful friendships. So much anxiety/depression comes from our relationships with ourselves and the relationships with others in our lives.

So, relationships are a big focus of our team at Evolution. However, there are other therapists that bring different expertise to the table. Each one of our therapists has a different ‘jam’ and that makes us such a strong team because we can help each person find the best fit for them.

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