In this episode, you’ll learn 3 reasons why investing in SEO for your therapy practice is often a better investment than paid advertising.

Building a great-looking and high-converting therapy website is one challenge, but what about actually getting traffic to that website once it’s launched?

Because more people viewing your website means more people in your marketing funnel, right?

The simple math shows that as traffic increases, some of that traffic will reach out to you about your services, and some of those leads will turn into clients.

That’s exactly why traffic-building is a big part of our process here at Private Practice Elevation.

And most therapists turn to two strategies for getting traffic to their private practice website: SEO or paid advertising (Google Ads or Facebook Ads).

But if you don’t know the benefits of each and when to properly use them, you could end up losing both money and potential traffic to your private practice website.

So, which is a better investment? SEO or Google Ads?

In this episode we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both strategies and why SEO is a fantastic long-term investment into your business.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why you need a website traffic strategy and the potential it holds for your business
  • When it makes the most sense to use paid advertising to get traffic to your website
  • The pros and cons of using Google Ads
  • How SEO can add consistency to your website traffic and bring you new clients month after month
  • How SEO can help you improve your website and look more professional to your potential therapy clients
  • Understanding the long term cost of SEO vs paid advertising
  • My top tips to start optimizing your website content and get it ranking in search engines

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