In this episode you’ll learn how to find the right SEO keywords to use on your private practice website.

One of the first questions I ask therapists when discussing SEO strategy for their therapy practice is “what keywords do you want to rank for.”

And often the response involves a few phrases followed by question marks.

Many therapists just aren’t sure what keywords they should be using on their website.

This is step one of helping your clients find you in search engines.

If you don’t know which keywords are “good” ones, then you won’t know what type of content you need to create.

You could end up filling a whole website full of content that will never get found by your clients.

Many therapists are amazed and shocked when they find out that their current website is ranking for random keywords that their ideal potential clients probably aren’t using.

So this episode will help you save time and understand how you can easily uncover the right keywords for your private practice.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to get started with your keyword research
  • Free tools you can use to see what keywords your website is already ranking for (and they just might be the wrong ones!)
  • The two most important factors to look for when choosing a keyword you want to rank for
  • Steps to get you started ranking for the keywords that will actually bring your ideal client to your website.

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