In this week’s podcast episode you’re going to learn how coaching can help you reach new levels of impact, fulfillment, revenue and freedom in your life.

There are a lot of people out there who are jumping on the coaching bandwagon.

Some good. Some… maybe not.

But the truth is that no one is more qualified to become a coach than mental health therapists.

As you’ll see in my conversation with our guest, Katie Read, therapists are already coaching.

But many therapists don’t know how to think about coaching in such a way that they can leverage their knowledge and attract coaching clients without adding tons of work or burning out.

In reality, there is a way to reach a new level in your private practice and personal growth.

Our guest Katie Read lays it all out for you in our conversation.

Katie has been an LMFT forever, directed large agencies, taught grad school, supervised 40+ interns, written psych training materials, spoken at conferences, and had practices in various cities.

But currently, she’s obsessed with helping therapists get profitable doing the creative, out-of-the-box, authentic work they’re called to do. 

If you’ve ever felt like there’s got to be more than one-on-one therapy and you’re ready to make a big impact in the world… this one’s for you.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How coaching is the next evolution of a mental health practice
  • How to think about your coaching business in relationship to your therapy business and keep the two separate
  • The big things that keep therapists from going into coaching
  • The simple steps you can take to start your coaching business and get your first clients
  • How you can stop trading time for money so that you can run a successful business without burning out

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About Katie Read

Katie takes lessons from her nearly-20 successful years in the field to help clinicians grow…then OUTgrow…their practices. 

Immediately upon licensure, Katie was made Director of a large Transitional Aged Youth program in Oakland, CA. Later, she was recruited to Direct one of Sacramento’s largest Wraparound Programs, and from there she moved into the role of Director of Clinical Supervision, personally supervising 40+ interns towards licensure. 

Concurrently, Katie had private practices in multiple cities, taught graduate psychology students, and wrote and created therapist training materials. 

Katie is also a special needs mom and loves helping other moms tune into their own intuition and lead their best-possible lives by taking the sometimes-scary leap into following what’s best for them, deep down. 

She is the creator of:

The Clinician to Coach® Academy,

The Clini-Coach® Certification,

and the Six-Figure Flagship™ Program. 

She’s a little bit obsessed with helping therapists get profitable doing the creative, out-of-the-box, authentic work you’re called to do! 

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