93. 7 Ways To Increase Your Website Speed

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Podcast, Private Practice Website

In this podcast episode you’re going to learn 7 things you can do to increase the loading speed of your website.

The speed of your website matters a lot.

So much so that a study showed that just a two-second delay in page speed can increase bounce rates by 103%.

The speed of your website can impact how visitors perceive your website and your professionalism.

Plus, as Google has reminded us, the speed of your website plays a big role in how your website ranks in search results.

The problem with increasing your website speed is that you can get into some pretty technical territory so it may be confusing or difficult to even begin making improvements.

But in this episode of The Private Practice Elevation Podcast, I’m going to share 7 things you can do that don’t require a degree in website development.

If you’ve been unhappy with your website’s speed, listen up for some ways to improve it.

Improve Your Website Speed With A Website Care Plan

Did you know that our Trekker Website Care Plan includes a one-time speed optimization? If all this talk of page loading, WordPress hosting, and keeping your website files up to date makes your head spin, we’d love to take the care of your website off your shoulders. Check out our Website Care Plans and sit back while we take care of your maintenance and ongoing website tasks.

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