I know most of you have had to fully transition your therapy practices online in the last months.

Some therapists had already done some online therapy from home before and for others, this was all new territory.

But for many, the adjustment to working fully from home may have been a huge challenge and major adjustment.

I know we have not been immune to these challenges in our home.

We had a nice routine going and it was full of preschool, babysitters, and a trustworthy and predictable routine as my wife worked from her office a few days a week.

But when everyone is home and there’s work to be done and a 3-year-old that needs love and attention, well there have been some challenges making it all work.

Because my wife and I both have our own businesses, it’s meant that we’ve had to find a new groove to make sure everything in our lives is getting the attention it needs.

Now, I’ve been working from home since 2016 so when the pandemic hit, the only change that I felt was that of having my wife and son home full-time with me.

But over the years I’ve learned a few things about myself and how to make working from home be as efficient and productive as possible.

So in this episode, I’m going to share with you some of my best tips for being productive while working from home.

Whether you’re still trying to figure this new normal out, or perhaps you have enjoyed the flexibility that was forced upon you by social distancing and Coronavirus, this episode will help you get more out of your at-home work time.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How organizing your daily and weekly schedule can cut down on the chaos and help you be more productive
  • Why it’s so important to communicate your schedule and needs to others in your home
  • How personal routines for starting and ending your work time can help you be more present with work and your family
  • The most important thing I do each day to make sure tomorrow is a success
  • My favorite daily planner and how I use it
  • How to plan your days so that you’re working on the right things at the right times
  • How to give yourself grace as you learn and adapt your at-home work strategy
  • Tips for eliminating distractions so you can get your work done
  • What feedback loops are and how you can use them to make working from home better and better for your business over time

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