In this episode, we’re going to help you determine the actual return on investment you’ll get from investing in an online marketing strategy for your private practice.

When it comes to business growth, knowing your numbers is extremely important.

If you don’t know what the real monetary impact of your investments is (whether that’s money, time, marketing focus), you’ll have trouble knowing what’s working and what isn’t. 

At Private Practice Elevation, we believe that a strategically designed therapy website is the foundation for all of your online marketing.

And that website can be the fuel for growth in your business.

But we also understand that it’s a major investment to have a professionally designed website and online marketing plan in place.

That’s why it’s so important to know what the return on investment will be before embarking on a website redesign project or SEO campaign for your private practice.

Since we’ve been creating websites for therapists and group practice owners since 2016, we know that if we focus on and improve a few things (such as conversion rates and traffic) that we can expect to see certain results to the bottom line of the business.

This means that if these points are ignored, we can also expect the business to miss out on the benefits of these improvements – meaning, they lose money.

And we don’t want that for you, of course!

So, in this episode, we’re going to go through some key metrics that you’ll want to know in order to help you decide whether investing in your online presence makes sense for you.

And because we also believe that no investment makes sense unless it delivers results, we’re excited to share our new Website & Marketing ROI Report tool with you.

You can use this tool to receive a free personalized analysis of your own business. 

You’ll find the revenue projections specific to you so you can easily measure the impact that your website and SEO campaigns could have on your business – and decide if this is an investment you’d like to make.

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