In this week’s episode you’ll learn how you can leverage content marketing for your private practice to increase your authority and reach more of your ideal clients. 

Many therapists and private practice owners have heard of content marketing.

Or they’ve heard simply that “blogging is important” in order to get traffic to their therapy website.

But many a therapist has written many a blog post and not seen much traction or new clients flocking to their website.

So how do we use content marketing effectively?

And how does content marketing fit in as a full strategy to grow an audience of people that you can serve and build a business around?

Can you actually use content marketing to get more clients in your private practice?

To help us answer these questions and unpack all things content marketing, we’re going to chat with Michael Fulwiler.

Michael is the former CMO of the Gottman Institute and brings over 10 years of content marketing experience to the table.

Now he’s helping therapists level up their marketing and become more educated about how to market a private practice successfully.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What content marketing is and why it’s important to use content marketing in private practice
  • The long term benefits of content marketing for therapists and how it can be better for your business than paid advertising
  • The importance of “use value” and providing free content for your ideal client
  • The ways in which content marketing helps you establish trust with your audience
  • The best way to come up with ideas for the content you’ll create for your audience
  • Why you must begin with an understanding of your ideal clients in order to be effective with your content marketing
  • Ideas for delivering your content and reaching your ideal clients online
  • How to tap into other people’s audiences to build your authority and grow your audience
  • Understanding what metrics to measure so you can tell if your content marketing is actually effective

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About Michael Fulwiler

Michael is the former CMO of the Gottman Institute Founder of Fulwiler Media, a niche marketing agency for mental health companies. He’s also the creator and author of Therapy Marketer, a popular weekly newsletter for therapists.

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