Do you ever feel like you want to see more growth in your private practice, but you’re just not sure how to do it?

How do you set goals that will actually move your business forward?

And once you set those goals, well, how do you break that down into actual STEPS to reach them?

I know I’ve had many times in my own business where I’m staring at a blank sheet of paper that I’m supposed to use to map out my weekly, quarterly or yearly goals.

And nothing comes.

Or on the other side of it… when I KNOW the things I want to achieve but I’m not sure what steps to take to get there.

You see, for any business owner, one of the greatest skills we can learn is how to set the right goals in our business and create plans to reach them.

The trouble is, we’re often pulled away by shiny objects and the results we see others getting in our Instagram feed. Or is it just me?

Well, to help us navigate the challenge of focusing on the right things in private practice and reaching goals, we’re chatting with Nicole Liloia.

In this episode, Nicole pulls back the curtain on her own story where she went from complete burnout in her agency job, to mildly motivated therapist and coach, to a now successful business consultant.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Nicole’s story from being depressed over her new business venture to turning it into a successful private practice followed by new income streams
  • What to do when you’re not sure what goals you should even have in order to grow your private practice
  • How to set goals that get you excited, scare you a bit and keep help you actually move the needle in your business
  • How Nicole successfully went from a spark of an idea to filling her mastermind group and hitting her goals
  • The steps you can take to go take big goals and break them down into action steps
  • Why focusing on one goal at a time can help you grow exponentially

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About Nicole Liloia

Nicole Liloia is a business strategist who helps women entrepreneurs build bigger businesses and create consistent income growth. She loves helping them create multiple income streams that allow them the freedom to work less while still making more money.

Nicole’s first business was a counseling private practice but she quickly added in multiple income streams so that she could travel more while still running her business. She got her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and has contributed to Forbes, Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and more. Nicole always says yes to tacos and loves Apothic wine.

You can find her online at and download her free tool, the Consistent Income Generator, so that you can create a personalized plan to have consistent income growth in your own business at

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