In this episode, I’m getting a bit vulnerable and talking about something extremely near and dear to my heart: my family.

In particular, I’m going to share what the world-rocking, life-changing transition of raising our boy, Samuel, has taught me about entrepreneurship.

I remember those first few months of Samuel’s life.

My business was only 6 months old when he came into the world, and I remember there being SO much to do.

I thought, “am I ever going to get any work done again?”

Business goals? No way. Our new goal was just to keep this little human alive and it was a 24-7 gig.

But as the dust settled and our new family got into a flow I began a quest to do family well – not at the exclusion of my business – and vice versa.

As I write this, Samuel is turning three this week!

So join me as I share some of my biggest lessons from fatherhood and how my boy has made me a better entrepreneur.

You may also get to hear a little bit from Samuel 😉

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How my relationship with time has had to change after leaving my 9-5 and running a business from home, with a little one around
  • How I’ve learned to let go of control and that’s resulted in a more fun and productive work/life balance
  • How my own fears have caused me to struggle with rest and how I’ve had to change my views on taking time off
  • How little Samuel has taught me the value of play and how play positively impacts my life and my business
  • How I’ve set boundaries to ensure I don’t burnout and my business AND my family gets the best of me
  • The importance of having a big WHY in your business and how my family drives me and my goals

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