In this episode of The Private Practice Elevation Podcast, you’re going to learn how to write copy for your website that speaks directly to your ideal client.

I’m sure you know that the copy on your website has the power to connect with your ideal client.

And when a potential client feels connected, and that you understand their challenges on a deep level, they’re more likely to take that next step and actually become a client of yours.

But most therapists struggle with what words they should actually use that will resonate with those potential clients.

What are the words you can use to connect with them?

How do you create an entire website that speaks to them?

And if you don’t know those words, how can you find out what they are?

Our guest, Laura Long LMFT/S, is going to teach you her 3 C’s of copywriting for your private practice website: Clear, Compelling, and Conversational.

As a business coach, Laura has been teaching therapists how to create copy for therapist websites for years.

If you’ve been wondering or struggling with the words you need to use on your own private practice website, this episode will give you exercises, tips, and simple actions you can take to write copy that truly resonates with your ideal client. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Laura’s 3 C’s of copywriting
  • How to avoid watering down your copy so that it speaks directly to your ideal clients
  • The difference between your ideal client and a niche
  • Exercises to help you get into the mind of your ideal clients’ fears, hopes and expectations
  • How to write copy for your ideal client even if you haven’t worked with them or are changing niches
  • Four places you can go to do market research and uncover the exact words your ideal clients are using so you can write copy that connects with them
  • Mindset shifts to help you get unstuck and kill writer’s block

Download Laura’s Service Page Funnel

In this PDF you’ll learn the structure and details to write a killer service page that leads your ideal client to take the next step.

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About Laura Long

Laura Long, LMFT/S, is a business coach and the lead badass at, where she helps ambitious, driven, Type-A therapists push through their fears and unleash their inner badass. 

Laura offers free practice-building tools (and hilariously obscene emails) through her mailing list, and her flagship e-course has successfully graduated over 400 therapists. She also runs small mastermind groups as well as a private online community reserved for her students.

Laura is best known for her off-the-cuff coaching style that includes colorful language, a witty sense of humor, and an uncanny ability to keep it real. Her unique approach to marketing and customer service challenges the status quo and helps therapists to become better business owners. She shows therapists how to grow and scale their practices without losing their minds – because building your private practice should be fun!

You can read Laura’s blog at and follow her antics at

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