79. How Therapists Can Use YouTube To Grow Their Practice (without a big time commitment) with Marie Fang

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Podcast

In this episode of the Private Practice Elevation podcast you’re going to learn how therapists can use YouTube in their private practice.

As with any platform out there, there are best practices for using YouTube depending on the end goal you have in mind with your online marketing.

Some therapists think that putting regularly scheduled videos on their YouTube channel over time will bring new clients to their practice.

But, as you’ll learn in my conversation with Dr. Marie Fang, YouTube doesn’t really work that way.

There’s a way to use YouTube in your therapy practice and that’s different than if you wanted to use YouTube to reach a broader audience and grow some passive income.

Dr. Marie gives us the inside strategies on both… because she’s used YouTube both in her own private practice as well as her other business Private Practice Skills, where she’s grown an audience of 14k followers at the time of writing this.

I was super excited to have Dr. Marie back on the podcast for this exact reason. 

She always gives extremely simple and actionable advice… because she’s already tried it in her own businesses.

So if you’re wondering why and how to use YouTube to connect with your therapy clients or reach more people for that side hustle you’ve been thinking about, listen up!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • When and why you should consider using YouTube to market your private practice
  • How to get started and get past the “awkward” phase of recording videos of yourself
  • The easiest way to leverage YouTube in your practice without having to commit a ton of time to it
  • Mistakes therapists make when trying to use YouTube for their marketing
  • When it makes sense to go all-in with YouTube and build a larger audience
  • Tools and resources to help you work with the YouTube algorithm, grow your audience and reach more people
  • The most important thing you can do to make sure people actually click on your video and watch it
  • What three things Marie thinks about before she even creates a video so that she knows it’s something her ideal audience will want to watch

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About Dr. Marie Fang

Dr. Marie Fang started in private practice in 2012 and made just about every mistake in the book. In 2018, she launched Private Practice Skills, posting weekly YouTube videos making it easy for therapists to start and grow their practices. In her spare time, Marie loves gardening and diving into a good DIY project.

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