05. What Content Goes on A Therapy Service Landing Page?

by | May 7, 2019 | Podcast, Private Practice Website

If you don’t have the right kind of content on your private practice website, it can be a challenge to stand out.

And I’m talking about standing out in Google and standing out to your potential clients.

Both of those audiences (Lord Google and your target audience) need the right content to know that your website is a valuable resource.

One way to ensure your content is fully fleshed out and rich with the information your ideal clients need to know is by creating “specialty pages.”

What is a therapy service landing page? Basically, this is just one specific page on your therapy website focused on a specific service.

In episode 3 of this podcast, I interviewed Paul Thomas, my friend from down under who created his own private practice website and was able to get it ranking #1 in Google for a number of keywords.

A lot of our conversation focused on the type of content he created on in order to pull that off.

And the strategy he used is one that I often talk about…

That is, creating these specific pages for each and every service or specialty you have within your therapy practice.

Now, in this episode I want to break down this strategy to give you an outline of the type of content you should be creating for these types of pages.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What a specialty page is and why it’s so important for your website
  2. How to find out what people are typing in Google to find the services YOU offer
  3. How you can use these pages to create more connection with your potential clients
  4. A structure and layout for the content of your service landing pages
  5. Some extra things to include on these pages so that Google will rank them higher
  6. The most important part of your specialty page that will help it convert better

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Examples of Therapy Service Pages:

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