In this week’s episode of The Private Practice Elevation podcast, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about how to navigate the relationship you have with your therapy website designer/developer.

Your private practice website should be your greatest marketing asset when it comes to attracting clients to your private practice or group therapy practice.

Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure your website looks professional and also is set up correctly, functions well, and has all the pieces in place to get traffic from search engines.

But what happens when you’ve worked with someone to do this website work but it becomes clear that they’re not a good fit?

Or perhaps they weren’t up to the task after all and you’ve got the sense that you need to switch to someone more knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Another thing that happens a lot: the website was built on a platform or special version of WordPress and you don’t have access to all the features and editing capabilities that you need to make much needed changes to the website.

How can you navigate these waters?

Failing to take care of these issues quickly could mean losing out on traffic and revenue in your business.

And finding the right person or agency to be your website partner could mean a huge weight off your shoulders as they help you fully utilize your website to grow your private practice.

Today’s episode comes from a question sent in by one of our listeners, Ameeta Francesca Piazzi, who found herself in some of the situations mentioned above. 

Here is the message she sent us:

“My website launched about a year ago and while I’m very happy about it, I’m thinking at some stage I’d like to make changes to a couple of pages. I didn’t quite know how the design was going to work when it first was set up so I went with it but can see now it’s not that functional. During the development phase there were some issues with the designer and I’d prefer not go back to this person. For bits and pieces I have dealt directly with this person’s developer, who also does the website maintenance. If I want to change the whole outfit (designer and developer), what’s the best way to do it? What do you need to get from them in terms of info and access? (e.g. if you only have the WP log in details but not the template access – I don’t seem to be able to customise a few things just from the WP interface)”

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How you can fix these problems before they even start
  • Things to look for when hiring a developer or website agence for your private practice website
  • How to ensure you maintain control of your therapy website once it’s launched
  • What is a “proprietary” version of WordPress and the pros and cons of it
  • The things you’ll need in order to break up with your website developer
  • Tips and steps for migrating a WordPress website to a new host

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Links mentioned in this episode:

ManageWP for WordPress backups and migrations

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