Meet The Team

Vision & MIssion

At Private Practice Elevation, we want to create a world where therapists and private practice owners can attract the clients that bring them joy and have all the tools they need to scale their practice and create the life they desire.

We do this by creating beautiful websites that get traffic and conversions, increasing leads and revenue.

Our Core Values

It’s our goal to make our clients’ online marketing lives as smooth as possible, as pleasant as possible, and as fun as possible.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and long-term partnerships to see their businesses succeed.

We do what we say we’re going to do and if we can’t, we communicate quickly and openly the reason why and figure out a solution together.

We’re not afraid to make mistakes because it means we’re trying new things and taking risks.

We are committed to the long-game and understand that mutual growth comes from radical generosity and service to our customers and community.

We move toward one another, giving the benefit of the doubt and listen to one another with respect.

Daniel Fava from Private Practice Elevation

Daniel Fava

Founder. Podcaster. Idea Factory. 

Daniel Fava is the founder of Private Practice Elevation and Create My Therapist Website. He’s been in the website design and online marketing industry since 2001, with a background in website design, user experience design, and team management.

He’s extremely passionate about using good, clean website design to solve business challenges and meet client goals.

After helping his wife establish an online presence for her private practice in Atlanta, he made it his mission to help other practice owners and therapists grow their businesses through online marketing.

Daniel was born and raised in Hauppauge, NY (Long Island!), loves hockey, guitar, drums, and good bourbon. 

When not working on websites, you’ll find Daniel hiking or playing at a park with his wife and son or leading mission trips abroad with his church.

Daniel Fava from Private Practice Elevation

Amanda Jeans

Assistant. Organizational Genius.

Amanda is the admin go-to that keeps things running behind the scenes. She’s usually tasking at the speed of light to ensure Private Practice Elevation runs like a well-oiled machine.

She also ensures meetings happen on time and that all the podcasts, blogs, and weekly newsletters are delivered right to your screen.

When not performing magic with Private Practice Elevation, Amanda can be found wrangling her three children. She serves on various boards promoting overall education and inner-city, underserved communities.

Daniel Fava from Private Practice Elevation

Nichol Verzosa

Web Developer & WordPress Guru

Nichol is our WordPress guru, website developer, and code pro. He has been in the website design/development industry since 2013.

What gets him excited?… clean websites that are easy to use.

Nichol is charged with taking the vision for each project and making it come to life. And when we’re wondering how to make something work on a website or add new functionality, we give it to Nichol to code to life.

When not building websites or writing CSS, Nichol likes to travel, read books, and is geek out on technology.

Grow your private practice with a new website strategy.

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