In this special edition of the Private Practice Elevation Podcast we’re going to talk about the basics of keyword research and how keyword research is the starting point for a successful SEO strategy for your private practice.

The problem that many therapists have when they begin working on their website and SEO is that they just don’t know which keywords to use.

So they may try and just use a handful of keywords that may or may not work.

They end up spending time writing website copy that may or may not actually bring organic traffic to their website.

Many people also think that if they just add a few keywords sprinkled around their website that they’ll start to get traffic from search engines.

But keyword research is one of the most important pieces in a complete search engine optimization strategy because it will inform and power many of the future steps in your SEO process.

Before we put the keywords on your website, we need to know which keywords are “good” keywords.

In other words, which keywords are your audience and ideal clients using that are related to your therapy services.

So listen up as we dive into keyword research for your private practice.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of keyword research
  • The 3 qualities of a great a keyword or phrase
  • A 5 step process for keyword research

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