Uplift Therapy Center

Uplift Therapy Center offers clinic-based pediatric therapy services in La Cañada, California.
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Uplift Therapy Center, located in La Cañada, CA, offers clinic-based pediatric therapy services along with in-home services in the Greater Los Angeles area. UTC is a multidisciplinary team of occupational, speech, and physical therapists founded and led by Talin Yacoubian OTD, OTR/L CAS.

Despite having a website that initially generated some leads and clients, it failed to fully represent the evolving nature of the center.

Originally focused on occupational and speech therapy, Uplift expanded its services over time, encompassing Feeding Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Parent & Me Classes.

Additionally, the website lacked emphasis on the remarkable clinic space and the expertise of its diverse team. Dr. Talin recognized the need for a redesign to better showcase the clinic, its services, and its team, aiming to position Uplift as a premium service provider and increase conversions of private pay clients.

Project Goals:

Dr. Talin envisioned a website that would highlight the exceptional clinic space, the comprehensive range of services offered, and the expertise of her team.

The goal was to create a professional, visually appealing private practice website that would resonate with parents seeking developmental therapy services for their children in the Greater Los Angeles area. Elevating the website’s design was essential to enhance credibility and trust, ultimately driving conversions. Additionally, the redesign aimed to facilitate organic growth by improving SEO and increasing online visibility.


To address the client’s goals, our redesign focused on showcasing the clinic space through photography, highlighting all services provided, and featuring the diverse team members prominently. We wanted the new design to be a little playful, but not overly so, since this website was really targeted toward parents.

Adhering to Dr. Talin’s existing branding guidelines, the design aimed for a more polished and professional appearance while ensuring a user-friendly experience (something important to Google!).

The inclusion of dedicated landing pages for each service, integrated with captivating and fun visuals, enhanced the website’s appeal and functionality. Technical optimization and user experience improvements were prioritized to bolster SEO efforts and attract organic traffic.


Following the redesign, Uplift Therapy Center experienced significant improvements in online visibility and user engagement.

Organic traffic to the website surged, with over 2300 users and 2000 sessions originating from organic search alone (from March 24,2024 – April 22, 2024).

Search engines became a primary source of traffic, reflecting the effectiveness of the technical SEO strategy implemented. Now that the foundation is in place, we are starting our SEO Basecamp process to gain even more exposure for Uplift Therapy Center.

Dr. Talin was extremely excited with the results, noting that the new website accurately represents Uplift Therapy Center’s expertise and premium offerings, effectively positioning the center to attract and retain clients.


The collaboration between Uplift Therapy Center and Private Practice Elevation resulted in a successful website redesign that achieved the project’s objectives. By showcasing the clinic space, expanding service visibility, and enhancing the overall design and functionality, the new website effectively communicates Uplift’s value proposition to its target audience.

With a solid foundation for SEO and increased online visibility, Uplift Therapy Center is poised for continued growth and success in serving the developmental therapy needs of children in the Greater Los Angeles area.

“Working with Daniel and his team has been an absolute pleasure! They are very professional, organized, and talented. Everything from the website design to launch was seamless and we are so thrilled with the final product. We look forward to continuing working with the team for website care and management. Highly recommend Private Practice Elevation!”

Dr. Talin Yacoubian OTD, OTR/L CAS

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