Solid Ground Psychotherapy

Therapy For Anxiety, Stress Management, Relationship Difficulties, Depression, Anger Management, and Eating Disorders
Marriage Revolution Therapy practice website design

Zachary Goldman is the owner of Solid Ground Psychotherapy, an online private practice based in Arlington, VA. Zack’s practice was less than a year old when he came to us, and he was looking to establish his business online so that he could create sustainability and long-term success.

While Zack had a website for his private practice, it wasn’t attracting much traffic or adding many new clients to the business. As we discovered during our SEO Assessment process, the website lacked some technical aspects, content, and on-site optimization that hindered him from being found by his ideal clients.

Zack wanted to start at ground zero by building an online presence that represented his business accurately, connected with his ideal clients, and fueled his business with new clients.

So Zack decided to have us implement the Client Acceleration System – our 12-month process to completely level up his online presence.

Project Goals:

In the first six months, the objectives include increasing the caseload to 10-15 clients, enhancing professionalism with a modern design to attract private-pay clients, and refining website copy to effectively communicate services to ideal clients. Additionally, the aim is to educate potential clients about services offered, establish Zack’s authority in his niche through informative articles, and improve the conversion rates of initial consultation calls.

Audience Needs:

The target audience comprises males aged 20-40 experiencing relationship struggles. The website aims to facilitate easy scheduling of consultations, provide accessible educational resources about Zack’s expertise, align with audience needs and preferences, optimize search engine visibility, and ensure seamless navigation across devices.


Within the first week of the website launch, Zack secured three new clients. Subsequently, the influx of inquiries and clients prompted him to transition to full-time private practice. Ongoing SEO support from Private Practice Elevation further enhances visibility and client acquisition.

The homepage design for Solid Ground Psychotherapy.

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