Move Forward Counseling

Move Forward Counseling’s mission is to empower people to improve their lives through excellent mental health outpatient therapy in Pennsylvania.
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When Alison Pidgeon, owner of Move Forward Counseling first approached us, she had a growing group practice with Pennsylvania offices located in Lancaster, Hershey, and soon to be Pittsburgh.

With over 30 therapists on her growing team, Alison had a thriving private practice and was already established in the communities where her business had office locations.

The biggest challenge, and the reason why she approached us, was that in order to reach their ideal clients, they had created three separate websites.

The goal was to maximize SEO and get local traffic to each of the websites.

And while this did great some great traffic and allowed them to rank well for local keywords, the maintenance needed to keep up with three websites was just not scalable.

Especially since they were opening new locations.

Rather than start a new website and take the total to four, they decided to to consolidate into just one master website that represented their locations.

So, we took the content from across their three websites and brought it together under one roof. 

In order to mitigate any negative SEO impacts from moving to one website, we ensured that redirects from old content were set up, to let Google know where this new content now resided.

Another fun challenge was to make sure that the new site showcases the many great therapists that Move Forward has on their team. For this, we created a filtering system so that users can filter based on the office nearest them and the issues they were looking for help with.

In the end, we also gave them the freedom they needed over their website by allowing them to leave Brighter Vision and have complete control over their WordPress back end and editing abilities.

We’re proud of the clean design and user interface and know that Move Forward will continue to expand their business and the website to reflect it.

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