Dr. Nathan Brandon, Psy.D.

Dr. Nathan Brandon is a licensed psychologist serving the entire state of California through online therapy. He helps his clients overcome anxiety, substance use issues, or work through challenges specific to the LGBTQ+ community
Dr. Nathan Brandon Website Design
Dr. Nathan has been a client and supporter of Private Practice Elevation for years, so I was super excited when he approached us to help with a website redesign and rebranding.

At that time, his current website wasn’t getting the traffic he needed in order to reach his goals. He needed more consistency of traffic, leads, and new clients – and his website just wasn’t helping to fulfill that.

So he needed a website that would attract traffic and then connect with the user, leading them to become paying clients.

In order to do that, we helped Dr. Nathan rewrite the content on his website so that his ideal clients would be captivated and see the benefits of working with Dr. Nathan.

Because his extensive training and having been featured in many popular publications, such as NBC News, Psychology Today, and Forbes, Dr. Nathan really wanted to position himself as a thought leader and influencer in his niche.

The clean and modern design is intended to position Dr. Nathan as professional and an authority on the services he provides and the demographic he serves. It’s a great showcase of how professional photography can really make you stand out as the go-to person for your ideal clients.

The other goal for this project was to free Dr. Nathan from a website platform that was no longer serving him. He needed the flexibility to customize his website as he saw fit, while keeping costs low. We moved him off a proprietary platform and onto a WordPress platform, giving him the ability to customize his website and support new marketing efforts. He’s also been making use of our Website Care Plan to make those incremental changes and add new content.

As for the traffic? We’ve seen about an 18% increase in pageviews in the 2 months after launch compared to the months before. Plus an increase of 87% in new users showing up to the website. We’re super happy with how the redesign of drnathanbrandon.com came out and how it’s been performing!

Dr. Nathan Brandon website design
Dr. Nathan Brandon website design

Grow your private practice with a new website strategy.

Get more traffic. Get more clients. Scale your practice.

Whether you’re looking to level up your private practice website’s design, or need help navigating SEO so that your clients can find you, we can help.


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