Dandelion Counseling & Care

Dandelion Counseling & Care is a private, group psychotherapy practice comprised of therapists who provide compassionate counseling, using a team approach, to meet the diverse needs of busy Washingtonians. They love to support families or people individually in their journeys to live healthier and more well lives.
Marriage Revolution Therapy practice website design

When Erika Bugaj, owner of Dandelion Psychotherapy of Tenleytown, first approached us, she had reached the end of what her website could do for her growing group practice.

Motivated by the business coaching Erika was doing and her desire to grow her team and revenue, she decided to invest in the future of the practice. She went through a rebranding process to give her business a new identity.

The next step was to bring that identity online with a redesigned website. 

Her previous website lacked the personality, fun, and functionality that Erika wanted for her private practice. She wanted a website that was eclectic, bright, but also modern and clean.

We’re thrilled with the way this one came out. The design elements and fun backgrounds challenged our team to create a beautiful website that looked great on all devices while staying true to Dandelion’s new identity.

Grow your private practice with a new website strategy.

Get more traffic. Get more clients. Scale your practice.

Whether you’re looking to level up your private practice website’s design, or need help navigating SEO so that your clients can find you, we can help.


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