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Kimberly Schmidt Bevans is a licensed therapist serving the Greater Boston area, Massachusetts. She helps high-achieving, deep-feeling women who care deeply, work hard, and often appear as if their life is going well.
Marriage Revolution Therapy practice website design

Kimberly came to us because her DIY Wix website was not cutting it. She had a goal to get her private practice off of insurance panels and increase her profits. But in order to do that she would need to raise her rates and attract more clients who were ready to work with her.

We loved bringing the new Be Moved Therapy website to life. Because of Kimberly’s brand and use of body-centered therapy, we created a design that felt like it had movement and flow to it. We also created a web design that was feminine and modern, to resonate with professional women – Kimberly’s target client.

We also helped Kimberly focus her messaging on her ideal client so that her services were clear and the content would resonate with her audience and lead them to take action.

When we had our 3-month post-launch follow-up meeting with Kimberly, she let us know that since the website went live, she had gotten off of insurance panels and it felt great! The referrals she’s getting are a great fit and people are no longer asking about insurance and the price isn’t a question. We’re excited to see how the website continues to help Be Moved Therapy grow.

“My website is built and it is beautiful! It is the flagship marketing piece from which I’m building the rest of my marketing efforts.”

Kimberly Schmidt Bevans

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Whether you’re looking to level up your private practice website’s design, or need help navigating SEO so that your clients can find you, we can help.


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