In this special episode of the Private Practice Elevation Podcast, Liz Fava, wife of host Daniel Fava, flips the tables around and interviews Daniel.

If you’ve listened to this podcast for some time, you’ve likely gotten a small glimpse into Daniel’s life and Private Practice Elevation. 

But have you ever wondered how this all got started? What was Daniel doing prior to helping therapists level up their private practices? What did it look like in 2016 when Daniel took a leap of faith and started his business? 

What does the PPE team look like now and what services do they offer and why? What does the future look like for PPE? And, of course, what are some of Daniel’s favorites? Such as food, drink, books, etc.

In a candid conversation with his wife Liz Fava on his podcast, Daniel Fava, the founder of Private Practice Elevation, opens up about the origins of his online marketing agency, the services it offers, and his journey through entrepreneurship and life. 

Daniel also reveals his favorite aspects of his role and personal interests. 

Tune in to gain insights into the world of private practice elevation and learn more about Daniel’s expertise in helping therapists succeed online.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Daniel’s background from college to early work in marketing agencies and how he fell in love with website design
  • What Daniel was doing before launching his business and his role in marketing for a non-profit organization
  • The challenges of leaving a full-time job to transition to building a business
  • How Private Practice Elevation transitioned from a focus on courses to full-service website design, development, and SEO catered to therapists
  • Insights on building a team and how hiring has helped Daniel improve services to serve clients better
  • All the current roles that Daniel’s team plays at Private Practice Elevation
  • How Private Practice Elevation’s services have evolved over the years and why Daniel decided to focus solely on website design and development and SEO
  • An overview of Private Practice Elevation’s current services and what each of them provides for therapists and private practices
  • Lots of candid responses about the challenges of growing a business
  • Plus Daniel’s personal favorites in food, drinks, movies, books etc.

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About Liz Fava

Liz Fava is the owner and Clinical Director for Fava Counseling Associates, a small group practice in Atlanta, GA that emphasizes helping people have better relationships. Liz still sees a small caseload of mainly couples clients, provides clinical supervision, and facilitates small group workshops and CE events. She has two boys, ages 7 & 3, and has the unique advantage of being married to Daniel Fava, the owner of Private Practice Elevation

The Evolution of Private Practice Elevation: Insights from Founder Daniel Fava

In a candid conversation with his wife Liz Fava on his own podcast, Daniel Fava, the founder of Private Practice Elevation, opens up about the origins of his online marketing agency, the services it offers, and his personal journey through entrepreneurship and life. This article captures the essence of their dialogue, shedding light on the underpinnings of a successful digital marketing service tailored for therapists.

Key Takeaways:

  • Private Practice Elevation transitioned from a focus on courses to full-service website design, development, and SEO catered to therapists.
  • Daniel Fava prioritizes building efficient processes and connecting with clients and peers as the most enjoyable aspects of his work.
  • Personal reflections on favorite books, shows, and philosophies are crucial to Fava’s unique entrepreneurial and creative approach.

An Unconventional Beginnings: From Art to Online Marketing Agency

Daniel begins by taking us back to his time in college when he developed a penchant for website design. He translated this passion into working for marketing agencies, which later evolved into a freelance career. The entrepreneurial spark ignited when he wanted to combine his expertise with a desire to help others, particularly by aiding therapists through

“I always was doing art… then I really fell in love with website design in college… I made a website for my band in college called Red Eleven… it was a lot of fun.”

However, the aspiring business pivoted when Daniel realized there was a higher demand for the hands-on creation of websites rather than self-driven, course-based learning.

“Over time I realized that not everybody wants to build their own websites… they would rather hire somebody to do it.”

This epiphany led to the gradual development of his business into what is now Private Practice Elevation—offering specialized website services and SEO for therapists.

Services That Cater to the Heart of Therapy Practices

Delving deeper into the offerings of Private Practice Elevation, three core services are highlighted: search engine optimization (SEO), website design and development, and WordPress care plans. Each service is cultivated from a deep understanding of the therapist’s needs, where the ultimate goal isn’t just to create an aesthetically appealing website but one that truly resonates and reaches potential clients.

Daniel speaks of the growth of their SEO work, pointing out how crucial visibility is for therapists online, reflecting a keen sense of market needs by providing essential digital services.

“SEO started growing… we don’t just provide great websites that look pretty. We want people to actually find those websites and get our clients more of their clients.”

With a team that spans project managers, developers, and specialists, Private Practice Elevation has firmly established itself as a provider of comprehensive solutions, all the while focusing on efficiency and effectiveness.

The Man Behind the Agency: Personal Passions and Philosophies

The conversation takes a personal turn with use discussing Daniel’s favorite things— from music to books, his taste reveals a man with a penchant for creativity and depth. His love for punk-rock band Thrice and authors like C.S. Lewis indicates a soul that finds inspiration in both melody and meaning.

As Liz aptly poses the question about what is ‘saving his life right now,’ Daniel reflects on the significance of prayer and the peace it brings him. This peace transcends into his work, providing clarity and presence in the midst of entrepreneurial demands.

“I’ve actually been exploring… really centered around prayer and finding rhythms to my prayer life… it’s helped me be a lot more present lately.”

These insights shed light on not just the professional but the private world of Daniel Fava – a world that influences and is influenced by his work at Private Practice Elevation.

The intricate blend of personal preferences and professional drive showcased in Daniel’s and Liz’s dialogue exemplifies the unique human experience behind businesses and their leaders. It’s the personal touch, the understanding of user experience coupled with technical expertise, and the value of real human connections that make Private Practice Elevation more than just an agency—it’s a story of passion, evolution, and understanding, deeply rooted in the desire to equip therapists with the tools to succeed in the digital landscape.


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