134. Creating A Content Strategy That Results in Website Traffic

by | May 15, 2023 | Grow Your Private Practice, Podcast

Do you struggle to get traffic to your private practice website?

Have you launched a website but you’re not exactly sure what content needs to be on there in order to attract your ideal client?

In this episode of the Private Practice Elevation Podcast, you’ll learn what content you’ll need on your therapy website to generate more traffic and bring more clients into your business.

When we talk about content, we’re referring to the way you share your expertise and resources on your website.

And when it comes to your private practice website, content serves two very important functions:

  1. Content helps your ideal client connect with you, your services, and what you have to offer and hopefully positions you as the best one suited to help with their challenges
  2.  Content helps search engines pick up your website and index it so that your ideal clients can find you

You need content in order to get organic traffic to your website and, once there, you need content to connect with that traffic.

But how do you get started identifying the content necessary to reach and convert your ideal clients?

How can you be strategic in what goes on your website, making sure you continue to provide value and resources that will impact your business?

In this episode, we’re going to walk through some steps to help you evaluate your current website, look for the gaps in your content, and begin to fill them in.

You’ll learn a simple starting point to start creating your own content strategy to help your website rank well in search results and connect with your audience.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The 4 qualities of great content that will help improve your SEO
  • Why consistency is important to improve your keyword rankings
  • How to find the low-hanging fruit of your content strategy by expanding what’s already on your website
  • Simple things you can add to your website to improve the content and help it rank higher in search results
  • Ideas for new content you can add to your website
  • Tips for brainstorming articles you can add to your website to help attract more traffic and turn your website into a valuable resource for potential and current clients

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