125. Using Podcast Appearances to Market Your Private Practice with Lisa Mustard

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Grow Your Private Practice, Podcast

This week on The Private Practice Elevation Podcast, we’re talking all about how to use podcast appearances to market your private practice.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for some time, you’ve likely heard that I’m a big fan of being featured on other podcasts as a way to market your business.

And for many reasons.

The first is that it is a way to reach your ideal audience in a way that you couldn’t on your own.

It’s also a way to get high-quality links from other websites that link back to yours, which has a HUGE impact on your SEO (search engine optimization).

Not to mention, it makes you look like an expert in your potential client’s eyes.

But it can be pretty daunting to put yourself out there and try to book an interview on a podcast you’d like to be a guest on.

And so many private practice owners don’t do it and miss out on the marketing opportunities that go along with podcasting.

To help you overcome these hurdles and get started using podcast appearances in your marketing, we’re talking to Lisa Mustard.

Lisa Mustard is an LMFT and Coach in South Carolina and the host of a podcast called The Therapy Show with Lisa Mustard – a convenient and fun way for Talk Therapists to earn Continuing Education contact hours. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The most important thing to do before you reach out to a podcast host about being featured on their podcast
  • How to find the right podcasts to be featured on that will help you reach more of your ideal audience
  • Tips for reaching out to podcast hosts so that you can be interviewed on their podcast
  • How to get the most out of your podcast features and use them in your marketing to drive traffic, improve SEO, and increase your authority
  • How being featured on podcasts can improve your conversion rates by increasing your like, know, and trust factor
  • Tips for when you feel like interviews maybe didn’t go as great as you had hoped and how to keep working at it

Check out my interview on Lisa’s podcast, The Therapy Show about “The Four Mountains of SEO”

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