16. The Top 5 Mistakes Therapists Make When Starting a Podcast w/ Melvin Varghese

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Podcast

Have you ever thought about creating a podcast?

Maybe you’ve got an idea for a podcast that will dive into some aspect of the therapy work that you want to be known for.

Or perhaps you’re kind of an expert already on a subject but you want to share your knowledge with the world and help people beyond the walls of your private practice.

Or you’ve got this amazing idea for a whole other business that you want to create and you want to fuel your income by marketing with a podcast.

Podcasting can be an amazing way to create relationships, add new income streams to your business and position you as an authority in your niche.

But going from that “someday I’ll start a podcast” dream-stage to actually recording and launching it to the world can be a big project.

It took me months to finally get the courage and system in place in order to get this here podcast off the ground!

When you start a podcast, there’s gear to purchase, content to create and some key things you’ll need to do to ensure you launch to crickets.

To help you navigate all this podcasting overwhelm with ease, I sat down with Melvin Varghese from Selling The Couch.

Melvin has gone through it all when it comes to podcasting.

He’s made mistakes and learned first-hand what it takes to have a successful podcast.

In fact, his own podcast was a New And Noteworthy podcast on iTunes when it launched and has since been downloaded over 750k and is heard in over 125 countries!

In this week’s episode, Melvin shares the top 5 mistakes that therapists make when launching a podcast.

I loved this interview because Melvin and I share a similar story in many ways and in this episode, you’ll learn so much as we share about our own mistakes and the challenges we’ve faced with launching our own podcasts.

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In This Podcast Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to give yourself permission to actually launch your own podcast
  • Ideas to help your podcast be profitable so that you can generate more income streams outside of your private practice
  • The best gear you can use to record your podcast without breaking the bank
  • How to come up with a great topic for your podcast to ensure you launch with success
  • How to create a schedule for creating content and recording that fits with your lifestyle so that you can avoid burnout
  • The importance of accountability and support to help you move forward and grow your impact and audience
  • Advice from a seasoned podcaster who has seen his podcast grow to 20k downloads a month!

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About Melvin Varghese

Melvin Varghese, PhD is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Philadelphia, PA where he works with high achievers with a history of childhood trauma.  In 2015, Melvin launched Selling The Couch (sellingthecouch.com), a podcast and blog to help our field learn the business and marketing lessons we don’t often learn in our training.  On the podcast, he interviews successful practitioners about how they’ve built their businesses, social media/marketing experts, and shares lessons he’s learning on his own business journey.  The podcast was a New And Noteworthy podcast on iTunes when it launched and has since been downloaded over 750k and is heard in over 125 countries. Melvin also founded The Healthcasters, a community of over 240 health/wellness business owners using podcasting to share their message while growing their business. 

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