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North Shore Psychological Services, a group private practice in Nova Scotia led by owner Lisa Hayden, had experienced steady growth over the past year but was eager to enhance its online presence to further support and expand its client base. Despite receiving word-of-mouth referrals, the existing website was failing to attract and convert new clients organically. The website’s outdated design, inconsistent messaging, and technical issues hindered its ability to reflect the quality of care provided and reach the target audience effectively.

Lisa decided that The Client Acceleration System was exactly what her practice needed to elevate her online presence and take her practice to the next level. So we’ve had the pleasure to set this system up in her business over a 12-month period.


Lisa had several clear objectives in mind when she approached Private Practice Elevation for a website redesign and development project:

  1. Improved Messaging and Branding: One goal was to refine the website’s copy and messaging to resonate with the ideal clients—parents of children and teens facing anxiety, learning challenges, and friendship issues. The new design aimed to elevate the brand’s professionalism and reflect the tranquil atmosphere of Nova Scotia’s north shore.
  2. SEO Strategy: To increase organic traffic and reach the target audience, a robust SEO strategy was crucial. The website needed to be optimized for search engines so that North Shore Psychological Services could be easily found by potential clients seeking their services. In order to take full control of their SEO strategy, the website needed to move off of the Brighter Vision platform.
  3. Authority Building: Establishing North Shore Psychological’s authority in its niche was essential. The website would serve as a platform for educational resources, including articles, to educate potential clients about the benefits of working with North Shore Psychological Services and support current and potential clients alike.
  4. Lead Generation and Conversion: Increasing the number of appointment requests was a key metric for success. The website needed to effectively convert website visitors into paying clients, supporting the practice’s growth.


Private Practice Elevation worked closely with Lisa to transform North Shore Psychological Services’ online presence. The project involved several key steps:

  1. Messaging Enhancement: We collaborated with Lisa to refine the website’s messaging, ensuring it spoke directly to the ideal clients and showcased the practice’s values and offerings.
  2. Modern Design: The website’s design was modernized to create a welcoming, calming, and natural feel, in line with Nova Scotia’s north shore. The new branding, including a redesigned logo, elevated the practice’s professionalism.
  3. SEO Implementation: A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented to boost organic visibility. This included optimizing the site’s structure, content, and technical elements to improve search engine rankings. We took the website through our SEO Basecamp process to create a foundation for North Shore Psychological’s organic growth.
  4. Content Development: A blog was integrated into the website to provide valuable resources and support the SEO efforts. Educational articles were created (and continue to be created) to showcase North Shore Psychological Services’ expertise and improve keyword rankings.


The website redesign and development project yielded impressive outcomes:

  1. Increased Organic Traffic: With the new SEO strategy in place, organic traffic to the website is rising steadily. Since launching the website, we can see that traffic has increased around 50% and the traffic has been increasing each month. This increased visibility will allow North Shore Psychological Services to reach a wider audience.
  2. More Local Visibility: The practice is getting a lot more visibility in local search. Google Business Profile impressions are up by 35% over the last 2 months as we write this (Nov 2023). Business Profile interactions are up by 52%, and calls from her Google Business profile are up by 60% (40 calls over 2 months).
  3. Improved Lead Generation: The redesigned website’s clear messaging and user-friendly interface led to a significant increase in appointment requests, almost instantly. Potential clients are feeling more confident reaching out and scheduling their first session.
  4. Authority and Influence: Lisa and her team’s authority in their niche can now grow as the website’s educational resources attract more visitors.
  5. Attract Private-Pay Clients: The professional and inviting design of the website is attracting more private-pay clients, contributing to the practice’s revenue growth.
  6. Streamlined Hiring: The website’s enhanced professionalism also makes it an appealing platform for clinicians looking to join the team. Lisa is confident in her ability to hire new therapists to meet the growing demand.

In just a few weeks after the website went live, Lisa reported a significant increase in calls and inquiries. North Shore Psychological Services continues to benefit from its improved online presence, showcasing the power of a strategic website redesign and ongoing SEO efforts in achieving business goals.

“Our SEO and organic traffic has improved substantially. We get many more clicks and views on our website. I am thrilled with the final project and outcomes, Our goal was met quickly, and the Client Acceleration System process was streamlined and easy! “

Lisa Hayden

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