Therapy Website Case Study: Standing Out From The Crowd in NYC

Behnan Maxwell, LCSW

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Behnan Maxwell was frustrated with the lack of inquiries her DIY Wix website was getting. Being in a crowded market (New York City) she needed a therapy website that stood out from the sea of therapists in her area and attracted more clients.

Before the Therapy Website Redesign

Behnan had used Wix to create her own website for her private practice.

This had helped to establish her practice online and get the ball rolling, however, that website just wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do: get more clients into her business.

At that time, she was only getting about zero to two inquiries per week in the business.

old therapy website before redesign project

Behnan’s website before the redesign.

Our Approach to the Website Design

Before embarking on her private practice website redesign project, Behnan was able to identify that the main reason people were coming to see her was because of anxiety.

She sees a broad range of demographics in her practice, but knowing what most of these clients had in common – anxiety – helped guide the look and feel of her new website.

We made sure the website felt soft with lots of open space and gentle colors to instill a sense of calm to any potential client reading the content.

Behnan also knew that her target client is affluent and able to invest in therapy services.

This meant we going with a design that felt modern and extremely professional, using her professional photography to help Behnan shine as the expert on anxiety that she is.

When we met for our pre-project strategy session, Behnan expressed that the main business goal for this new website was to increase inquiries in the business (and thus, revenue and clients), so we made sure to make her call to action really stand out.

We showcased her free consultation as the most important step a new visitor could take by using a contrasting color on buttons and including a prominent call to action on the bottom of each page. 

Search Engine Optimization in a Saturated Market

Behnan had and still has a challenge of being in a geographic location with a lot of competition; New York City.

She also has two office locations.

To help her with her local Google rankings, we made sure to create a landing page for each office location, to be consistent with her Google Business listings.

Because she wanted to focus on the office that was closer to her home to give her some more free time and make her life easier, we made sure to optimize most of the website toward that location.

While these steps have helped get some traffic to the website, in order to really win in the search game in such a saturated area, ongoing SEO work will be needed. But now Behnan has a solid foundation on which to build optimized content and boost her rankings. Something that Wix was falling short on.

The good news is that Behnan isn’t relying soley on search engines for her business.

You see, Behnan is getting a decent amount of traffic to her Psychology Today profile (their SEO is hard to beat!).

But now when her potential clients click over to her website, she’s standing out as a professional and expert against many other therapists in her area.

The Results: More Inquiries and More Clients

We checked in with Behnan three months after launching her new website.

She’s been getting 2-6 new client inquiries each week into her business, whereas she was getting 0-2 while using her Wix website.

Before redesigning her private practice website, she was seeing about 8-10 clients a week.

Now she is averaging 20-23 clients a week!

People are scheduling their free consultations and clients are using her online scheduling functionality to book more sessions, helping her fill her practice.


What Behnan Had To Say

“Getting my website designed professionally was well worth the time and the money!

Daniel and his team are excellent at what they do. I would not have it any other way. The best investment for my business that I have ever made.

I think of my website as my storefront and the perfect opportunity to make a good impression on my ideal clients. I constantly get great feedback on how professional my website looks and how functional and convenient it is for bookings.

I am so glad I did not delay it or try to do my website on my own again.”

Behnan Maxwell, LCSW NYC therapist

Behnan Maxwell, LCSW

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